During the RENEW project, four pilots will be under study, three of which of a more technical nature. The latter, instead, will be dedicated to the creation of innovative eco-points for the collection of the e-waste.

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Seville Pilot

With the aim of improving the WEEE recycling operation at copper facility and to facilitate the Raw Materials and Critical Raw Material recovery, Atlantic Copper will develop a technical pilot plant in cooperation with the Research Centre of Seville University.

Based on different steps such as milling at different temperatures, flotation and pneumatic, magnetic and electrostatic separation, the pilot plant will be studied and its ability of separating epoxy from metals in the PCBs evaluated.


Tallinn Pilot

Tallinn University of Technology will pilot a solution based on the ideas arisen for the challenge at the EIT RM Global Digital RACE 2020.

At the pilot, separation of epoxy from metals contained in the PCBs will be performed. In this, primary and secondary PCBs size reduction stages will be demonstrated.


Sulzbach-Rosenberg Pilot

Fraunhofer provides the technology for the epoxy valorisation.

The partner will upscale its existent pilot plant where the pre-treated PCBs will be converted by thermo-chemical treatment into solid material (metals and fibres), gas (for energy recovery) and oil that will be further purified and used for production of valuable feedstock chemicals like vanillin, aniline for polymeric application like Bakelite, polyamide, polyurethanes, polyester and epoxy resins. Recovery of bromine from the gaseous phase will be investigated.


Eco-point Pilot

ERION is in charge of setting up and managing innovative eco-points for the collection of small electrical and electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The eco-points aim at encouraging citizens to dispose of the e-waste that too often remain forgotten in their drawers, cellars and attics.

The goal of the eco-point pilot is to boost the WEEE collection rate, in order to increase the amount of collected PCBs.

Moreover, the eco-points will host educational activities aimed at raising awareness on the importance of recycling and proper WEEE disposal.